Re: Napster, Gnutella: URN lookup services?

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From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 11:23:07 PDT

Can you talk more how you want to implement this, Dave? No slam
intended, but crawling Napster could be difficult to do in any way that
gave good quality data.

You'd need to find search terms to match every possible file, and connect
to all of the servers (Napster limits you to a subnet of their total
userbase), and find a way around the limits on number of hits the server
will report. The last issue would be the trickiest. On the other hand,
since Napster clients push the complete local song list up to a central
server, Napster the company could easily compile the listing with 100%
accuracy. ...I'd be surprized if they don't already.

Gnutella is much easier to program. If the musical tastes of gnutella
users aren't too different than the tastes of Napster users, that would be
a far simpler route to take. I ran across a site that compiled a top-40
list a few days ago; I think I got there from (I'd
post it again right now but is so _unbefrigginly_

- Lucas

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