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Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 13:17:53 PDT

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Adam L. Beberg wrote:
> But that is WHY we did this afterall. Better babies without the problems
> we have. Way more money in that then in one-time cures for a disease.
> Cure the disease, put yourself out of business. But everyone will buy
> that 36-26-36C, IQ 400 package, licensed like geneticly engineered crops
> of course, with no reproduction rights.

I'll take 3, in fact. Oh, wait. Nevermind...

> The real problems start as human version X and X+1 come closer together
> with greater improvements, meanwhile you have all those version X minus
> 2s out there for 100 years still eatting food but that are now useless,
> un-hireable, unwanted, uninsureable, and without enough eye-candy genes
> to get a date.

What about the X+1s being raised by the X-2s? You think kids and parents
have hard times relating now, geez. All the issues adoptive homes have
to face with the genetic issues added in. I can't wait. I would like to
see the social effects. Like breast implants, only worse I'd imagine.
"Wow, holy hotties. Think she's real?" ... "No way, definitely toobed"
"He's too good to be true." ... "Yeah, but what an ass!"
What about the inferiority complex of the rest of the human race? Watch
out! If your natural child is too attractive they might get taunted and
beaten. "You damn dirty toober, we only let *real* kids in our
clubhouse." Now it's not just the smart kids, but the pretty ones too.
Busy playgrounds after school, I'd guess. Hmmm, and what happens when
the X+1s develop the maternal/paternal urge? No repro rights (must
protect the IP/GP), how is that denied? Rights of the individual
revoked, or exempted by parental decree at conception. Does the contract
have to be re-entered by the individual child upon reaching the age of
consent or is the parental decision binding upon the adult "offspring"?
Is termination an option given non-compliance with the licensing agreement?
"Look, kid, I know you're 16, but you gotta sign it or die." I'd think
they'd program it right in (sterility), but then you're giving up your
downstream revenue... that is, buying back your full citizenship /
reproductive rights. Hey, only $1B, you too can be a father.

When your body is not the sole property of you, as deeded by your
parents, but rather is a jointly owned product of the Smiths and
Gene-Toob/Polaroid corporation, what happens?

Idle speculation on a wednesday,
97%er in forkspace

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