Adam Rifkin's (the other one!) latest project

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From: Mike Masnick (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 18:14:03 PDT

There's really not much to say about this one. I can only assume it's
going to be absolutely dreadful. -Mike

Actors can log on for a virtual casting call
By Josh Chetwynd, USA TODAY

If you’re ready for your movie close-up, all you need is Internet access
and a healthy bank account.

Wannabe actors and Hollywood players can log on to to bid on roles or behind-the-scenes
positions in a new feature film.

While a number of smaller outfits have tried similar stunts, this project
stands out because of its high-profile backing:

Yahoo! is hosting the auction and will put up money for marketing the movie.

Blockbuster is assuring a feature run for the movie, which will have a
minimum budget of $1 million, and will then release it as a video.

The William Morris Agency is going to work to secure a distributor for the
film both in the USA and internationally. will provide music created by its users.

The auction for roles in the film will run through July 20 and the film’s
director Tony Markes hopes to begin shooting the film in mid-September.
Already, the site, which went up Tuesday, is listing such positions as
"fourth supporting lead," "a 5 lines & under" speaking role and "executive
producer" credit. (Roles were nearing $1,000 by mid-day Tuesday).

Adam Rifkin, who wrote Mouse Hunt and Small Soldiers, will pen the
screenplay once bids have been accepted for the movie’s cast. The aspiring
actors with the winning bids will then work with veteran acting teachers
Brian Reise and Leigh Smith. Reise’s current and former students include
George Clooney, Kelly Preston, Richard Kind (Spin City) and Shannon
Elizabeth (American Pie).

With the backgrounds of the cast a question mark, Markes stresses that
Rifkin will have to be flexible in what he does with the screenplay.

"If our lead is a Japanese businessman who can’t speak English, we’ll have
to design the film around that," he says. "I think we’re going to have to
air on the broad side of comedy. What’s important about this film is that
rely on the story, not the dialog. If we rely on dialog we will be cooked."

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