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From: Srdjan Keca (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 05:50:07 PDT

Hi! I joined the list about a month ago, but didn't have time to write
this introduction (school and everything). I was in such a mess...
had something like 2000 unread messages... sheesh...
OK, here goes:
I see that you are all rather well-known people in e-commerce,
web developing etc. Well, I'm not... I'm 18, still in high school.
I don't really "fit in" or whatever... I saw this list mentioned on
several of those transhumanist lists, so I signed up, like I usually
do. And I loved it!! I mean, I'm a mailing list geek (any
good ones you know about), but most of the lists i signed on (and
off) were much like chat rooms, with short replies (of course,
containing all the previous messages of that thread) and everyone
flaming etc. But this place is great!! So, I'm into (astro)physics,
programming, web-everything, philosophy, cognitive sciences, AI,
fuzzy logic, NN's, blah, blah, blah... Did some statistical (I
love statistics!) research on the large scale structure of the
universe and the orientation of galaxies in clusters (published
that), know C, Pascal, HTML, learning CGI and again blah, blah,
Oh, yes, and art... I'm love the theatre - wrote a script for
"Metamorphosis", according to the original Kafka's (genius!!)
text, then directed the play... Like short low-fi movies, too (and
about to film a couple of them, as soon as I get my hands on a
camera), photography and...
Now, I'm NOT a transhumanist... I don't agree with that philosophy on
everything (I'm an idealist, that's the main problem), but I love
their mailing lists and websites!!
Oh, forgot to mention - I'm from Yugoslavia. Yup, that tiny coutry
that's always on the news... And lost to the Netherlands by 6:1 on
EURO 2000...

And now I have a question... How can I (actually, can I?) access the
newsgroups by email? I don't want to post, just to read messages on
newsgroups... Is there a mailing list that does that? I do have a news
server here, but it's sooooo slow, and I pay internet something like
0.40$ an hour...

OK, that would be it... Now that I wasted precious minutes of your
time, I can go back to following your great discussions...


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