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From: Eirikur Hallgrimsson (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 15:23:15 PDT

That's interesting because I mostly contemplate how the Moore's Law
curve is morphing our terminal devices. Your point is that radical
bandwidth connectivity is less discussed.


Full-video followon to Instant Messaging. HD video, of course.
This is basically just HD video conferencing with a simple UI and
simple management. Stereo sound, uncompressed, both
directions, of course. The gang of dorky teens in location A,
simply must be able to be online to their peers "as if you are there."

Finally I can jam with the band without spending $$$ on plane
tickets. Make that the studio standard 24/96 (24-bit samples, 96 Khz
sample rate) and we're really talking. I'm talking two-way HD TV to
eight locations with two-way 24/96 or better sound. Yes, I need a
lot of display real estate, but I have a lot and seem to keep
acquiring more.

More people will be working together via always-on HD video

We've probably seen the phone eaten by the internet by this point.
What happens to phone sex?

Furniture and other objects go virtual: I want that picture window
overlooking the Avdat Canyon, looking toward Jordan. Live, realtime,
HD, essentially free.

So, webcams become theater-quality and get stereo sound, and we
finally get the science fiction remote picture-window.

A bit further off, you could do full telepresence work with
high-resolution cameras and force-feedback for commute-free
exploration or hazmat work. I recently heard Bob Ballard mention
that a lot of his deepsea robot stuff is now piloted by researchers,
located in their offices wherever they happen to be, meaning that
he can run three or more shifts, maximizing the use of his time on
the bottom.

I can't see the way the thin/thick client issue would play out if
bandwidth were nearly infinite. Certainly most people would choose
always-on computers perpetually connected, with subscription software
and all storage handled remotely.

Standing at the bathroom mirror, I want it to show me the traffic on
the highway, and a weather map, and etc. You don't log in to a
bathroom mirror.



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