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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 17:11:29 PDT

Imagine if you could render in 1600x1280@70fps every single frame
the user would or could see for the next 60 seconds raw cached
into RAM pre-rendered. You could split it too, you could real-time render
the character, but access the pre-rendered library and scenes and
deliver them just in time as the user walks around. There's some engine
that I remember seeing that the close you got to things they
became infinitely more detailed--sort of like real life.


Eugene Leitl wrote:
> Gregory Alan Bolcer writes:
> > The killer app *is and will always be* the same as it's always been:
> > Internet Gaming
> >
> > It's a huge silicon production movie house with a Beowulf
> > pack of 20,000 Playstation III's doing real time awesome renders of
> > real-time in house Internet gaming spray and playing the
> > whole virtual world out to millions of clients, instead of doing all the
> > high-gpu powered rendering at the client side.
> Disagree. You don't need anything central for a game system, user's
> machines running a distributed simulation should do nicely. The
> realtime rendering and response aspects of games require a very fat
> pipe to the memory. No way you can farcast it over network, even if
> fiber is looking at you from the living room wall.
> Of course if you only have a dumb rendering engine on the other end,
> with very little storage, you might invest in a Beowulf running the
> simulation. As a rule, response time will be better, due to tighter
> coupling of the simulation world.

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