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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 12:38:16 PDT

Eugene Leitl writes:
> Gregory Alan Bolcer writes:
> > Imagine if you could render in 1600x1280@70fps every single frame
> > the user would or could see for the next 60 seconds raw cached
> > into RAM pre-rendered. You could split it too, you could real-time render
> 60 seconds? Not for interactive environments, where bifurcations occur
> each few ms. You just can't cache them all, even not including the
> rendering work. (Unless you can have them rendered in Copenhagen, a la
> Teranesia).

Did my other FoRKpost not make it? You don't need to cache them all,
or any of them. Seven gigabits suffices to drive a 1600x1200 monitor
at 150fps at 24bpp.

I wonder if high-speed network cards could benefit from video-card
technology? :)

I seem to recall talking to an oscilloscope salesperson in 1993 about
their nice fast digital scopes. They included a one-square-inch
internal CRT scanned at 1024 lines --- IIRC something like 1000 times
per second --- which was used as an analog memory so as to be able to
get under-one-nanosecond samples without needing an A-to-D converter
with a sample time under a nanosecond. Presumably the trigger
circuitry was analog, and once triggered, the A-to-D converter had up
to a whole millisecond to sample the data from the CRT before it was

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