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From: Srdjan Keca (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 06:20:33 PDT

Tuesday, July 04, 2000, 10:27:11 AM, Dave wrote:

DL> Is it still possible to get a UUCP feed? You wouldn't need a full
DL> feed, just one for the groups in which you're interested.

Not for my computer (or pocket). My local ISP is pretty much a mess
(although even better than most of them). They had a news server, so I
was able to download news at the same speed as e-mail, but they shut
it down... I guess there were few people who used it. Imagine what
would happen to UUCP... And using any other server doesn't pay off...
But aren't there any mailing lists that just forward messages from
(user-defined) newsgroups to members? OK, I know, nobody needs it,

DL> Come to think of it, I found reading news faster in 1983 than I do
DL> in 2000, despite not only the usual Moore's law arguments, but also
DL> going from a machine shared with a dozen or so other people to one
DL> for my exclusive use. I guess s/w gets slower faster than h/w gets
DL> faster. (Wirth?)

Don't know about 1983. I was 1 year old and, unfortunately, wasn't
reading alt.gugugaga... But yes, it is slooooooow...


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