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From: Barry Cobus (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 08:20:27 PDT

Thursday, July 6, 2000

We want to introduce you to Technologies for Worship Ministries. We produce
the Inspiration Technology Conferences and we also publish Technology for
Worship Magazine. Inspiration Technology Conferences for Churches and
Ministries has trained thousands of churches over the past eight years. We
have over one hundred professionals who donate their time and expertise to
teach ministry personnel how to help their churches grow using audio,
music, video, internet, drama, lighting and broadcast technologies.

Technologies for Worship Magazine is in its ninth year and has recently
expanded in size and circulation. Over 20,000 churches subscribe to this
magazine, which covers topics in all areas of church growth and technology.

Our web site has an interactive bulletin board for technical questions and
hosts the Christian Association for Technical Support (C.A.T.S.) Directory
-- a growing list of companies offering products and services to churches.
We also provide a searchable archive of articles from past issues of our

Please let us show you more about what we can do to help your church grow
by accepting our offer of a free subscription to our newsletter. We will
also send you a free sample copy of Technologies for Worship Magazine for
your review. To accept this offer simply click here: and fill out the simple two-line request
form at the upper right, adding the code TWM71 to the end of your name.
(Example: Jane Smith TWM71).

Please feel free to explore all of the interesting features of our site,
including the latest information about our upcoming Inspiration Technology

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