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From: David Crook (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 16:23:07 PDT


Give Senu a break. I'm sure he has valid reasons for asking a informal
mailing list rather than spending 2 minutes looking at relevant web sites
or hitting for that manner.

Senu, the primary limitations of WAP are related to it being legacy
technology. WAP was developed during the 60's as a means of adding drama
and excitement to melee scenes for the Batman television show. Fight
scenes would be intercut with words narrating the action on screen ("WHAM",
"BOOF", "WAP", etc). WAP is really only useful for extremely small
bandwidth messages and requires the overhead of only being compatible with
campy TV shows. Another limitation is that Adam West is getting on in
years. You can see a demo of the technology at ""

Feel free to use FoRK for your other research needs.

Always glad to be of help,
David Crook

At 10:50 AM 7/7/00 -0700, Steve Dossick wrote:
>Yes Sir! We'll get right on that Sir!
>I'm glad that FoRK can serve all of your research needs. Not.
>senu cherian wrote:
>> Hi
>> Could U send me details regarding the limitations of WAP
>> technology. Security issues etc.
>> regards.
>> anish
>Steve Dossick
>Founder and Chief Architect
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