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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 17:00:26 PDT

I just thought this comparison of phone philosophy versus
PC philosophy a little generalized. After all, on a PC, whether it's
Windows or Linux, a user only has the amount of control that the operating
system allows them to have--the majority of which isn't user time, but is
actually kept to itself.


> The philosophy behind the PC is simple: Put as much control in the hands
> of the user as you possibly can. PC users can install any software they like;
> they can connect their PCs to any network; they can connect any
> peripherals; they can even replace the operating system. And they don't
> need anyone's permission to do any of these things. The phone has an
> equally simple underlying philosophy: Take as much control from the user
> as possible while still producing a useable device. Phones allow so little
> user control that users don't even think of their phones as having operating
> systems, much less software they can upgrade or replace themselves.
> The phone, in other words, is built around principles of restriction and
> corporate control of the user interface that are anathema to the Internet as
> it has developed so far.

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