It's the Burning Man Network

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From: Joachim Feise (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 07:10:08 PDT,1284,37490,00.html

Each year a desert wasteland is transformed into a temporary, counterculture metropolis
that draws thousands of citizens inspired to survive on the basics. For the first time, those
"basics" will include an intranet.

Three intrepid volunteers are constructing a wireless, high-speed network for the annual
Burning Man event set to begin August 28 in Nevada's Black Rock desert. Attendees with
laptops equipped with wireless cards can plug into the public network, while those who
leave computer equipment at home can use one of the public kiosk booths.
One thing the PlayaNET network will most definitely not have is
an outside Net connection. Despite the fact that there will be a
Tachyon satellite Net connection at the event again this year,
PlayaNET volunteers feel strongly about not connecting to the
outside world during the event.

"For a lot of us this is our only vacation," Petrell said. "We use
the Net 16-18 hours a day in our other lives and we don't want to
have to use it while at Burning Man. We need to take a break."


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