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From: B.K. DeLong (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 14:27:40 PDT

At 04:08 PM 07/11/2000 -0500, Adam Rifkin wrote:
>As pennance for posting Old Bits, here are some new bits. Jakob Nielsen
>just published a piece on the WAP Backlash starting in Europe:


I had the pleasure of meeting up with Edd Dumbill, Simon St. Laurent and
Dave Simms (O'Reilly) and we got discussing the fact that the WML portion
of WAP flies in the face of all that is markup. From a traditional Web
developer's standpoint, the markup language was supposed to give context to
the information and stylesheets where supposed to tell it how to look.

WML, on the other hand, tells the phone how to render the text and make it
look on the does not markup the content. I'd like to see a
better implementation of CSS2 which was supposed to allow for multiple
stylesheets for different user agents so Web authors don't have to markup
their content in fifty million different markup languages to allow it to be
viewed on fifty million different appliances and devices.



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