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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 22:16:58 PDT

Wilfred gets his name in lights. Funniest thing after reading
this article--Mac and FreeBSD/OpenBSD have always been one version
of Java behind. I never saw the connection until now.

The top 4 problems wedding FreeBSD and MacOS?

4) File System Handling - Hidden Unix.

As one might imagine, Unix and the Macintosh have handled files
and file systems quite differently. Apple is now being forced to
reconcile building their new operating system on BSD while not
exposing their users to it. For instance, directories familiar to users
of Unix such as "usr" and "etc" will be hidden by default from Mac
OS X users at the application level.

3) System Security and Integrity - Restricting control.

As alluded to earlier, support for multiple users on the Mac pales in
comparison to Unix. Multiple Users only debuted last year and
rudimentary file permissions have been in place since the
introduction of file sharing over a network. There remains a single,
shared address space, however, and all programs have device-level
access to the underlying hardware. In Mac OS X, however, the
concept of users will be understood at the kernel level and the
ramifications of this will need to be socialized with end users. Tasks
previously possible, such as changing the system clock and
installing applications, will no longer be immediately accessible to
many users.

2) Solving the Legacy Question -- Mmmmm, Xterms.

The QuickTime guys at Apple weren’t very happy when
they lost the ability to claim nearly all of the CPU.

Power management is really bad right now. This is also an
interesting problem; how do you actually make a
Unix-based system sleep?

It’s likely that the terminal application will ship on the CD,
although it won’t be installed by default. It might also find
its way into Darwin, the open-source version of the BSD

1) And the number one problem? It does't run Gnome-Aqua.


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