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From: Gordon Mohr (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 00:46:08 PDT

Adam Beberg writes:
> > It seems to me that an even bigger waste than unused CPU cycles is
> > the number of startups chasing duplicate business models. Thus I'm
> > happy to announce my new project,
> <ridicule>
> It's
> You'll have to submit yourself of course.
> </ridicule>
> *chuckles* - nine

Less than 50 words is an unambiguous "launch" signal! It's go-time!

I'm calling the angels, loading fresh propane into the incubator, and
letting the patent lawyers out of their cages.

Another set of backup ideas we can offer the PreFuckedCompanies is
Mirksy's "Open-Source Business Plans", at...

> I think the site would actually be very neat, I'd visit, even submit a
> few... hundred. This may be exactly what the dot-com world needs, people
> pointing out the idiots ahead of time, not after the investors get
> screwed. Dot-com does mean "no business model" after all.

Hmm, Purposa was actually going to let the investors get screwed in
the down-round post-repurposing.

To actually go so far as to protect the investors up front sounds like
the job of a different company altogether, "".

- Gordon

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