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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 09:17:36 PDT

B2G - biz-to-public sector purchasing chain automation. Or, I2I - the next
incarnation of P2P/C2C when P2P comes out of favor.

Look, it's simple: "[we] don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or
process anything... [we] don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or
buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or
processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed... [we] don't want
to do that." [John Cusack, Say Anything]

Given all that, what the hell is the business model?

Eyeballs. Advertising. Seriously, for all that the shit that VCs and
everybody else are heaping on the 3rd-party pays models right now, the
trends say that per-capita domestic spending on online advertising is going
from ~$36 / domestic user last year to around $162 / domestic user by 2003.
The problem isn't the idea, it's the execution. Banner ads suck. What is
needed is "advertising" that's as good as product in itself.

BTW, here's a tangential thought: why isn't there an "Ad Network" on
cable? An all-ads, all the time network? Top-10 ad countdown of the week,
pop-up video-like ad facts, foreign ad show, ad bloopers, nostalgic ads
show, whatever-happened-to ad show, all-beer commercial hour, "behind the
ads," monsters-of-advertising bio show, etc. etc. etc.

You heard it here first.

;-) :-P


"Adam L. Beberg" wrote:

> Well, lets see...
> B2C
> Dying, and on it's last legs. This model flopped, someone else is
> always faster and cheaper, usually the local merchant. Intensive
> brand anti-loyalty training of users was the key piece here,
> backfired just a tad. Agents put the nails in the coffin. Oops.
> We ment don't be loyal to them, you should be loyal to us, we can have
> it in your hands only 24 hours later then if you venture into the big
> blue room.
> B2B
> Fading away. The people that would have used these services decided to
> join with competitors instead. This nuked all the middlemen, even
> the old ones, in the process. This is the final wave of people trying
> to be middlemen by eliminating them. Oops. Didn't think the customers
> would turn on us, we're better middlemen, really, wait... come back.
> P2P (i.e. C2C)
> Hype alert. Ride the wave baby. This term has somehow poped up in
> a half dozen inbox emails today. When the Napster CEO has to dodge a
> question from a senator about "how exactly are you gonna make any
> money, ever", you know it's over before it started. Users are
> trained that paying for products or entertainment is just not cool
> anymore, and now they are trying to charge for what was free
> yesterday. Oops. What do you mean we cant govern anarchy?
> Since C2B isn't really applicable to anything I can think of, we're out
> of models. What's left, other then the B2F thing. P2P won't stay hyped
> long, place your bets on the next wave.
> - Adam L. Beberg
> Mithral Communications & Design, Inc.
> The Cosm Project -
> -

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