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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 17:02:18 PDT

Mark wrote:
> For all you Java freaks, Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol
> (HTCPCP/1.0), This document describes HTCPCP, a protocol for controlling,
> monitoring, and diagnosing coffee pots

I'm a little confused -- were there some new bits associated with this?
This document came out two years ago (though we still regularly refer to
it around here) and its author is on the FoRK list. Not that I'm
complaining, just be careful with the forwarding of old bits...

 ...because one post of Old Bits times 164 FoRKlistmembers is a lot of
time spent hitting the delete key.

Speaking of the [FoRKlist], Chris was asking when/if we're moving to
mailman majordomo something or another. I accidentally posted from my
KnowNow account yesterday (bad Adam, pay attention to which shell you're
posting from!) where one Very Generous FoRKer is in the process of
finalizing the transition to an actual mailing list. [At the risk of
making a falsifiable statement, let's just say that transition will
happen Real Soon Now (TM)....]

Also speaking of [FoRKlist], is there a reason why we're still in the
April 2000 folder?

Let's make a new directory, 'kay Rohit?

Hey, speaking of mailing lists, can anyone explain why Yahoo paid $430
million for eGroups? Was this strictly a for-the-eyeballs acquisition?
And if so, how was Topica able to raise $28 million? Is this just
because it's founded by I/PRO founder Ariel Poler? If so, why isn't
CMGi involved in the deal flow (CMGi funded a company that was bought by
eGroups, and CMGi bought I/PRO over a year ago...)

> o Topica Raises $28 Million In Latest Financing Round
> SAN FRANCISCO -- Topica, which provides e-mail
> content to consumers and professionals, said it
> raised $28 million in its most recent round of funding.
> New investors Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Private
> Equity and TLcom Capital Partners join previous
> investors August Capital, Highland Capital Partners,
> Moore Capital Management, Draper-Richards, and Angel
> Investors in financing the latest round. Maurizio
> Caio, former head of Bain & Company's Telecom/Technology
> Group, will join the company's board of directors.
> The company said the funding will be used for international
> expansion and development.
> THE HERRING TAKE: With B2Cs dropping into trash heaps like
> bloated flies, Topica comes along and snares a hefty $28
> million. What's the secret? Could be the 5 million
> subscribers who send about 250 million e-mails every month.
> Basically Topica sends out customized e-mails. Or you can
> join -- for free -- and receive newsletters on subjects like
> "Bill's Bike Trip." It makes money from marketers and
> advertisers trying to get their messages out. CEO Ariel
> Poler, a 33-year-old Venezuelan, is keeping Topica's
> finances close to his vest, but he says that his 100-
> employee company's burn rate is approaching $1 million a
> month. "Every month we're burning less," he says. The
> confident Mr. Poler asserts that Topica will break even by
> the first half of next year. Prior to launching Topica in
> February of 1999, Mr. Poler founded the Web measuring site
> IPRO and was a founding board member of Kana.

Man I love Ariel Poler. You know, mailing lists as a metaphor
illustrate most things that are decent about open publish/subscribe

Speaking of which, I can't believe I'm missing TWIST...

Greg or Lucas or Beberg or Jim or anyone else there, how about posting a
summary of what's been going on for those of us too busy to attend?


Giving people easy tools that publish and link over persistent net connections is the next step, imho. Napster blew that door open. The technology industry was reluctant to go there. Looking for the next level of growth, we're not that timid any more. (This is good!) -- Dave Winer

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