Re: Big Beyond Belief.

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From: Lorin Rivers (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 18:24:52 PDT

At 5:57 PM -0700 7/13/2000, Steve Dossick wrote:
>Shameless plug --
>Sign up for iPal (still in pre-release, and with a spiffy new UI and
>web-based access coming soon) and register your interest in
>Health/Fitness & Nutrition/Weight Training & Bodybuilding
>...and you'll be notified whenever we find _NEW_ cool stuff on the web
>regarding your interest, including when selected merchants have new
>offerings on the subject.
>Steve Dossick
>Founder and Chief Architect
>310-578-8331 (voice)
>310-578-8336 (fax)

Been nice if you said which platform you support up front...


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