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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 16:37:56 PDT

Well, its a toe back in. Live 365 has an interesting idea. You stuff 365
meg of mp3s up their pipe one, make a play list, and call it a netcast.

Terry and the Pirates - 01/14/1947
You Bet your Life - xx/xx/58 with a young candice bergen and grouchos
I Was A Communist for the FBI - Treason Comes In Cans
The Green Lamma - 05/17/49 -The Man Who Never Exisited
You Bet Your Life - xx/xx/4x "secret word is foot"
Just A Minute - With Alfred Marks

And whatever else I throw up there as a test. Giev it a listen, See if tis
stable. If this works Ill make some new bumbers and talk news stuff, maybe
interview some fo you more talkative mugs, who the heck knows. It feels
liek a nice low preasure way to be have WSMF's flag on the netcast
frontier again.

(thanks to trev for pointing out the "Load em up and not waste my
bandwidth" method of live365.)

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