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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 20:36:00 PDT

Greg Bolcer spake thusly:
> Rohit gave a most amazing talk on Munchkins and tied in
> the surveys of WISEN'98 event notification, TWIST'99 namespaces,
> and TWIST'2K decentralized services. All the 60+ VCs
> in the audience waved blank checks under his nose.

......and when Dorothy returned from the Land of Oz she realized that
Kansas wasn't so bad a place to live after all.

We now return to our regularly scheduled discussion, already in progress...

Dave Winer: "Giving people easy tools that publish and link over
persistent net connections is the next step, imho. Napster blew that
door open. The technology industry was reluctant to go there. Looking
for the next level of growth, we're not that timid any more. (This is good!)"

Greg Bolcer: "Giving people easy tools that publish and link over
non-persistent net connections is the next step, imho."

Adam Rifkin: "Let's take the intersection and just give people easy
tools for pub-sub over the web. Actually, the web already has publish.
What it's missing is subscribe."

Dave: "If you want to be in P2P you'd better have good desktop tools,
depth in protocols, and good content management, and a great
server-side, and on and on."

Greg: "Move the mountain to Mohammed. What does "server-side" reall
mean in P2P?"

Adam: "What was traditionally server-side now becomes a peering
function. Although I see your point, I think it's also fairly clear to
see what Dave is suggesting. 'Nuff said."


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