Napster release 2.0

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From: v - Mark Kuharich (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 15:26:44 PDT

Everyone knows about the poster child for peer-to-peer file sharing,
Napster; and its distributed brethren, Gnutella; and the censorship-free
anonymous Freenet.

Money changes everything

Now we are seeing some interesting business models emerge from the
primordial ooze of this sweeping new peer-to-peer architectural change:

gonesilent used to be called InfraSearch
investors of note: Marc Andreessen, and other veterans of Netscape and
engineer of note: Gene Kan, one of the founding Gnutella developers, who
recently testified before a Congressional hearing on digital music

AppleSoup is a copyright friendly version of Napster which can be used to
share a variety of media types
founders of note: early Napster founder and investors, Bill Bales and Adrian
investor of note: former Sun Java product manager and current Marimba CEO
Kim Polese

Mark Kuharich

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