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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 17:56:46 PDT

Adam Rifkin, in his 4K persona (not to be confused with his KnowNow, or
former CalTech personas, and definitely not to be confused with the Real
Adam Rifkin(TM)), writes:
> This statement sounds like something Rohit would say...
> | "There are about 100 uses for peer-to-peer," says Graham Spencer, a
> | former official of Excite At Home Inc., and an InfraSearch investor.
> | "So far, we've thought of maybe two of them."
> Anyone have any ideas for the other 98?

Well, a lot of the current P2P technology is using the stock PC as its
technology base. This carries with it stock PC use assumptions: a person is
sitting down, interacting with a screen using a keyboard and mouse,
typically at a desk, or some fixed location dedicated to use of the

What if we changed all these assumptions? Add P2P to a handheld, and make
it mobile. Or embed P2P in other use contexts. What would P2P for the TV
be like? How about, Who wants to dis the wannabe millionaire, a TV-centric
chat operation. Or perhaps P2P in the kitchen, where I can search realtime
for recipes/assistance from other people.

Perhaps a P2P device specialized for a specific community might work.
BuffyXChange 24/7 anyone?

Why not embed it into clothing. Dr. Seuss himself might have written "ICQ in
a shoe."

- Jim

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