In US, more women than men on Internet

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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 18:20:46 PDT

From Jeff Harrow's RFCoC:

* It's A Female Online World! -- At least it now is in the United
    States, according to the latest survey from Nielsen/NetRatings
    ( U.S. women
    now represent the majority of Internet users for the first time
    (49.25% male vs. 50.75% female.) The rest of the online world,
    however, remains male-dominated, with males comprising 55% of those
    online in Australia, and 61% in the UK.

    We've come a long way towards balancing the online population from
    just a few years ago.

Wow, I remember debating whether this would ever happen in my first few
years of grad. school, circa 93-94.

The press release at the URL has a wealth of additional demographic
information, including time spent per month, number of sites visited on
average, top 5 sites visited for UK, Ireland, New Zealand, US, and Australia
(I'm amazed at how well MSN and Yahoo do overseas), etc.

- Jim

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