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Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 06:46:22 PDT

In a message dated 7/24/2000 9:08:39 PM, writes:

>Perhaps a P2P device specialized for a specific community might work.
>BuffyXChange 24/7 anyone?
>Why not embed it into clothing. Dr. Seuss himself might have written "ICQ
>in a shoe."
Think about families as one such community. Mom, Dad, and the kids, or Mom,
Mom, and the kids, or StepDad, half sister, Mom, and the parrot. AT&T has
tried to sell its family network mobile phone service, but something with
smarter phones and cheap IP telephony would work better. I know lots of kids
with beepers, and it's not for drugs but so their mothers can tell them to
call home. At least they say it's not for drugs.

Think of school classes as another such community--homework networks, etc.
"Does anybody have the problem set for tonight's homework?" "Hey, Stephanie,
Bobby and I are at Ye Olde Sweete Shoppe, come join us, ok?"--all the texting

Think of repairmen as another such community--a P 2 P network of copier
repair people, for example, would fit in direclty with all the work that
Xerox has done with Eureka. (See various articles by John Seely Brown). "Hey
guys I'm deep in the bowels of a Docutech and I see this little blue wire
...." Same goes for appliance installers, utility service crews, or any
other dispersed workforce where technical expertise is required and more
likely to be provided by asking colleagues than by RTFM. Cops, for example.


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