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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 11:06:37 PDT

Jim Whitehead <> writes:

> Well, a lot of the current P2P technology is using the stock PC as its
> technology base. This carries with it stock PC use assumptions: a person is
> sitting down, interacting with a screen using a keyboard and mouse,
> typically at a desk, or some fixed location dedicated to use of the
> computer.
> What if we changed all these assumptions? Add P2P to a handheld, and make
> it mobile. Or embed P2P in other use contexts. What would P2P for the TV
> be like? How about, Who wants to dis the wannabe millionaire, a TV-centric
> chat operation. Or perhaps P2P in the kitchen, where I can search realtime
> for recipes/assistance from other people.
> Perhaps a P2P device specialized for a specific community might work.
> BuffyXChange 24/7 anyone?
> Why not embed it into clothing. Dr. Seuss himself might have written "ICQ in
> a shoe."

We're already beginning to see this. The Cybiko, and Gaydar & those
shopping-cart date preference thingies.

I can't help but think that so long as how the Ps can communicate is
heavily mediated by the framework set up by the vendor, it's not
really very P2P, any more than getting text summaries of 10 specific web
pages on your phone is surfing the web. They're still going through a
channel that is determined by the center.

When each peer is smart enough to negotiate how it will communicate, &
what it wants to send & recieve, then it'll be interesting.

Karl Anderson 

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