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Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 13:37:31 PDT

Who is John Galt?


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Chuck Philips of the LA Times interviews Time-Warner music President
Richard Parsons about internet music distribution:
The full article isn't that interesting, but the final two questions
are classic:

Time-Warner President Richard Parsons answers:
> Q: The court is about to decide whether Napster is infringing
> copyrights or not.
> A: I think this is a very profound moment historically. This isn't
> just about a bunch of kids stealing music. It's about an assault
> on everything that constitutes the cultural expression of our
> society. If we fail to protect and preserve our intellectual
> property system, the culture will atrophy. And corporations
> won't be the only ones hurt. Artists will have no incentive to
> create. Worst-case scenario: The country will end up in a sort
> of cultural Dark Ages.
> Q: It would also spell the end for corporations like Time Warner
> that profit from buying up the rights to intellectual property.
> A: True. But I just can't see that happening. In the end, if
> there is really no way to protect intellectual property in the
> digital world, then what you will end up with is anarchy. It'll
> be every man for himself. Everything will just shut down. I
> can't imagine the government will let it come to that.

- Gordon

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