Re: [the anti-AOLers strike back] IM Unified launches

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From: Adam L. Beberg (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 16:43:30 PDT

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Adam Rifkin -4K wrote:

> which seems to be more interested in the technology. Recall that
> Microsoft owns 5% of CMGi, and CMGi owns 3% of Yahoo plus a majority of
> Tribal Voice and iCast, and Tribal Voice provides IM to AT&T, and AT&T
> is a significant shareholder in Excite @Home.

What, you didn't think they would go and violate the third law of
standards did you?

Third Law of Standards:
  A standard will only form when all parties are involved in a
  larger collusive process.

> Sure, why not have a coalition. Meanwhile, AOL is laughing and
> laughing and deciding which media giant it will swallow next after
> the merger with Time Warner goes through. CBS or Disney, anyone?

Nah, AOL is too big to toy with such tiny companies anymore. They will
buy Canada next.

- Adam L. Beberg
  Mithral Communications & Design, Inc.
  The Cosm Project - -

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