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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 17:35:41 PDT

Okay, I am trying to get my email set up on my shiny new OS.
I have to run Netscape 4.7 under the Mac OS 9 emulator. I find
off the Apple pages that the developer release is supposed to
ship with Internet Explorer and in fact, they show some really
nice screendumps. [1]

I zip up my Netscape mail directory on my Windows 98 machine
and decide to ftp it over. I have an odd network setup in that
my Windows machine is on a T1 behind a firewall, but my Mac G4 is
on a DSL connection outside of the firewall. I am too lazy to plug
the Mac onto our local network, and since I am not in a hurry, I
ftp from the Win machine to the Mac and start downloading a 160 Meg
zip file.

While I am waiting, I continue to be interested in the IE Mac OS X
port as they use the Carbon SDK. Poking around on the CD, I can't
find IE, but I find the Carbon directories including the source code.
I love this statement:

> ďThe Carbonized version of IE gives
> customers all the benefits of Mac OS X when
> using IE, like real demand page virtual
> memory, so you donít have to worry about
> application heap size. You get real preemptive
> multitasking. You get cleaner interaction with
> multiple applications, when another app
> crashes, it wonít take down IE, or in the
> unlikely event that IE crashes, it wonít affect
> any other applications.

I poke through the source code on the read-only CD, go into
one of the sample source directories, see the .c files, and before
I can think about it, my fingers are off and runnign with
"gcc *.c" which returns "cc -c" OK? I type 'y'
and it proceeds to list every single line of every .c file
because of course I forgot to -I the includes, but more importantly,
the compiler locks up in midstream, the terminal locks up, the mouse locks up, the
system locks up. I switch the monitor switch to go back to my
Windows box and see the FTP with message: Netout :10054, with FTP
locked up, my mouse locked up, my screen locked up.

So, I would just like to take credit for having spawned a complete
dual reboot. I think I'll patent it as the Bolcer process--a user
error causing a cross-platform computing freezure.

Despite the beta troubles, I am fascinated with the Carbon stuff. Clay,
Art, and I were able to port the Java GUIs for the Magi stuff to the Mac
with some minor configuration problems with Apache, JServ, and the inability
to override the pre-installed /usr/local/sbin/httpd values and library locations
(at least I couldn't figure it out) forcing you to use their config.layout. The
java Magi GUIs did run on top of the native JRE that came with the system, but
while doing intensive client HTTP network calls, the GUI basically plowed making
me think that the threading isn't quite right yet. It uses JDK 1.2.2,
Java HotSpot Client version 1.3.0rc2 mixed mode internal release build.
Our biggest problem is drag and drop integration and general "pep" of
the java application. I think the application looks pretty good and
I was impressed that the JLF stuff knew how to find the Mac JLF although
it did have some layout, text size, and text coloring problems. [2]

Does anyone have any experience building stuff using Carbon? I am thinking
that we might want to keep our Magi desktop server as Apache+Jserv+MagiDAV,
but have it speak a local HTTP connection to a native MacOS X Carbonized
desktop app.



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