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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 15:10:51 PDT

I like it. A good look at the times and a few questions to make the rader
Some thoughts.

If this is the first Wolrd War (WW I) of the net then the previous 6 years
have definetly been the years of the brush wars.

Some were quick (anonymous cash Vs CC's) some were protracted (control of
the domain names) others were bloddy and far reaching (MS vs Netscape in
the browser wars)

Crypto is still simmering after many years of legal and moral wanglings.
For many PGP was the first device to flip the bird to the powers that be.

Napster may be the Brand" that got this war of copyrights and file
distribution in the news but look back and youll see some more sparks .
the RIaa case vs's BeamIt , RIAAs almost perpetual hard on to
squash in any way possible, the RIAAs little bum rush on
shoutcasters (failed miserably), etc etc

Now here are some other things to think about.

Free drive places such as Idrive, Myplay, Xdrive, MySpace..All these
places are rampant mp3 and file distrib "crimes" My Old Time Radio freinds
use these thing merciusly to trade gigs of OTR. Myplay accoutns stash up
to 3 gig of mp3s. ....When will the RIAA take these guy on? I give it a month:)-

The obvious child gnutella. If napster was a wepon against the RIAA
gnutella is Charlie in the Bush. You cant fight what you cant hit.

Just soem thoughts

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