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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 16:34:38 PDT

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Jim Whitehead wrote:

--]Furthermore, what proof do you have that "technologists" as a group share
--]the viewpoints, motives, and actions you ascribe to them? Who are the
--]technologists anyway? Are they American, white male computer programmers,
--]age 16-25, or are you desrcibing a broader demographic?

Yea, us gezzers never get props.

--]As for the rate of technological change, I'll assert that the rate of change
--]was very significant from 1850-1900. The effect of the telegraph was far
--]greater than the effect of the Internet.

for a good read dive into The Victorian Internet (amazon link..yeah

--]should have been "under attack" for a long time. Why isn't the publishing
--]industry also under fire? Is it merely the time cost of "ripping" a book
--]vs. ripping a CD?

Check out the Ebooks and Ebookwarez groups on usenet as well as #bookwarez
on efnet irc. The jaurezing of books is growing massivley.

Ask S King, he will tell you. (side launch back ot BS's Street Performer

--]Furthermore, when are we going to get sick of stupid war analogies?

Not for a long time. Look at the History Channel.

--]If you will think about these issues critically, delving beyond the surface
--]rhetoric that has defined the "Napster vs. RIAA" episode so far, you will
--]find a much more nuanced, and interesting story.

There are many slants on this not being taken. Whos got the tshirt

--]Or you could just publish this pablum.

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