[FUD] Microsoft App Center 2000 and Microsoft Tahoe coming...

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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (adam@XeNT.ics.uci.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 17:01:12 PDT

The following article...


 ...has the following paragraph: "Microsoft unveiled an XML server
application code-named Tahoe, which simplifies the process of setting
up collaborative work spaces for office program users."

Can anyone in the know tell me if this is just a DAVbox?

> Microsoft To Provide Platform For Lycos Network Through Intel Alliance
> Thursday, July 27, 2000 01:41 PM
> REDMOND, Wash. -(Dow Jones)- Microsoft Corp. Thursday said it plans to
> invest $4.4 billion in Web development, wireless devices, games and
> services during fiscal 2001 and will develop a technology platform for
> Lycos Inc.'s Lycos Network.
> As part of the agreement with Lycos, Microsoft will provide software
> and Intel will contribute server computers to upgrade the performance
> of the Lycos Network, an Internet hub that has about 32 million
> monthly users. Financial terms weren't disclosed.
> Microsoft said the agreement stems from an electronic-business alliance
> it formed with Intel of Santa Clara, Calif., to deliver end-to-end
> business systems and integration services. The alliance will cover a
> majority of the Lycos Network, the software giant said.
> Lycos, based in Waltham, Mass., will use Microsoft's Windows 2000
> operating system and Microsoft Application Center 2000, a
> soon-to-be-released program that manages Internet communities and
> services. Lycos will also use Intel's Pentium III and Pentium II Xeon
> processors.
> Also on Thursday, Microsoft unveiled an XML server application
> code-named "Tahoe," which simplifies the process of setting up
> collaborative work spaces for office program users.
> Meanwhile, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said the company's core
> businesses had a record year, building a foundation for Microsoft to
> pursue its "Microsoft.NET" Internet initiative. Microsoft's fiscal year
> ended on June 30.
> To counteract slowing sales of Office, Microsoft is plowing ahead with
> ambitious plans to adapt that software and other products to the
> Internet through its Microsoft.NET plan, announced last month. Through
> Microsoft.NET, customers might be able to "rent" products like the
> Office software suite over the Internet, or subscribe to entertainment
> services through which they could buy concert tickets or play computer games.
> Microsoft has said as a result of its Microsoft.NET strategy, it would
> increasingly make money from recurring subscriptions instead of
> all-at-once software sales. But the plan isn't expected to significantly
> affect Microsoft's business model for two or three years.
> Microsoft.NET is seen as a long-awaited response to a series of
> challenges that are weakening Microsoft's influence over the computer
> industry. The company is particularly threatened by the rise of new
> devices and Web-based services that are being programmed using
> specifications Microsoft didn't define.
> Microsoft's plans still rely heavily on the processing power of personal
> computers and other "client" devices, while rivals such as Oracle Corp.
> and Sun Microsystems Inc. want centralized servers to handle most processing.
> Elements of Microsoft.NET, formerly called Next Generation Windows
> Services, also could be undercut by penalties against Microsoft sought
> by the Justice Department. In June, the agency persuaded a federal judge
> to order the software concern split into an operating-system company and
> another that sells applications and other products. The breakup and
> associated conduct restrictions are on hold pending appeal, but if
> implemented, those penalties could work against many of the integrated
> features of the new platform.


No one else is building the platform in quite the way we are. The Net becomes the platform. -- Bill Gates at the Microsoft Annual Meeting, July 27, 2000, http://www.quicken.com/investments/news/story/djbn/?story=/news/stories/dj/20000727/BT20000727005836.htm

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