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From: Adam L. Beberg (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 21:49:36 PDT

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Jim Whitehead wrote:

> What is really interesting to me is that I have received this message via 3
> separate lists today.

P2P is new, give it time.

Soon you will be able to get thousands of copies of the same information
from anonymous and double-blind sources no matter if you want it or not.
Untraceably of course :)

Separating the product and the payment is both critical for bits and not
new (for example ISBN: 0201502089). It's critical because as many people
are starting to realize it's not possible under the laws of physics we
live in to link the content and payment in a secure way. Ya cant force
people to pay for bits, and the youngins are anti-payment and completely
unaware of "property rights" anyway. Eventually, all the bits will have
voluntary payments, but will be low quality because you wont be able to
get rich off bits, so why bother.

So does this RIAA boycot mean you don't buy any CD's, or watch any MTV,
or listen to the radio, or even listen to the elevator music. No TV,
that has music in the shows. No movies either, those have songs. No
going to concerts of course. Have fun doing nothing, the RIAA is one of
those organizations that owns you.

- Adam L. Beberg
  Mithral Communications & Design, Inc.
  The Cosm Project - -

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