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Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 05:47:40 PDT

:Jeff Bone <>
:So, is it just me, or is anybody else here totally enthralled by

---I'd say it's not "just you", judging by their ratings, but it sure as
hell ain't me. I caught the second episode, and that was enough. What a
thoroughly annoying bunch of losers. Survivors? If it weren't for the crew,
and all the stuff they were/are given, none of those idiots, except maybe
the ex-SEAL would've survived a week! It's MTV's "Real World" with a few
old farts thrown in to broaden the demographics. Oooh, drama! Will the
bible-thumper and the queer get along? Can the city folk and the country
folk work together? Will the women stick together aginst the men? Please!

What I would've liked to see, put those same twits in the middle of the
northern Maine woods, late fall, with 6 matches, a knife, some rope, and a
rifle with 3 cartridges, tell em to find their way to civilization. See
which ones actually survive. And given the temp that time of year, I
guarantee Richard would keep his friggin shorts on!

*That* I'd watch.


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