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Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 07:19:16 PDT

> unaware of "property rights" anyway. Eventually, all the bits will have
> voluntary payments, but will be low quality because you wont be able to
> get rich off bits, so why bother.

i think the history of the world demonstrates that lots of people will
do interesting, high quality things regardless of whether or not they
will get rich off it. getting rich only motivates most people.

> So does this RIAA boycot mean you don't buy any CD's, or watch any MTV,
> or listen to the radio, or even listen to the elevator music. No TV,
> that has music in the shows. No movies either, those have songs. No
> going to concerts of course. Have fun doing nothing, the RIAA is one of
> those organizations that owns you.

to quote a wise sock, "read a book!"

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