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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 10:55:13 PDT

On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, DaveNet email wrote:
--]The first step is to show the music companies that we mean business.
--] Give them the money, and then the conversation can continue, without
--]destroying Napster, without destroying our love. Let's make the world

How much more money you think we should ante up. $15 us a cd not enough?

Value is set by the consumer. In case you have not noticed the consumer is
speaking out loud enough. They are begining to use the net and other means
to get thier music AS WELL AS buying cds.

Have you seen the record sales figures? Go take a look. They are UP up
UP. [1]

It time to show the music biz we mean biz, by denying them the cash flow
to perpetuate the great ripoff.

The RIAA does not hold us hostage, we hold them in a economic slepper
hold. Its time to reverse the thinking that we are subjects to the
middlemen and take the roads best travled.

This is not "communism" or "pie in the sky thinking" as some will say in
hopes to fall back on safer grounds. This is a reality. Steven King[2]
knows it, the artists like Roger McGuinn[2] and myself [3] on know
it, the thousands of people Shoutcasting, live365ing and otherwise
netcasting know this. Bruce Schneier and his "The Street Performer
Protocol" [4] paper know this.

Support artists who support the fans. Say No to Middlemen. Put your
money into the artists pockets direct. The means are here, the structure
in place. The only thing missing is the mass leap forward from the slave
mentality of the past few decades.

Non Serveram

"The cluetrain is on a one way trip to Know Your Role Boulevard, and
Jabroni Drive."[6]

[6] me

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