Re: A "buycott" for Napster

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 11:29:59 PDT

DaveNet email wrote:

> I took the other side, I said it was time to go to the record stores and buy lots of CDs... So let's flood their coffers with cash, and see where that goes.

Respectfully, but this is a terrible idea, IMHO. First of all, the music industry has reportedly been generating *more* revenues on sales of media+content during Napster's existance than in any previous similar period. We have *already* shown them the money. Napster's existance has indirectly contributed significantly to their coffers already, by spurring broader interest in a wider variety of artists. But maybe you don't
believe that --- and it's a controversial assertion, so fine. Let's look at what effect a buycott will have, regardless of the current revenue picture:

If money starts flowing into the coffers immediately upon shutdown of Napster, the RIAA and its proponents will take this as proof positive that Napster *was* in fact constricting revenue flow. This is just fuel for the fire; it will merely serve to make their case, though factually flawed, more believable. This can't possibly help the cause.



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