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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 12:24:20 PDT

I was pondering this just last night. I suspect that at least a reasonable
fraction of the folks that are interested in this stuff are stressed-out
dot-commers with scads of cash and an unscratched itch for this kind of
competition / adventure. I think one really interesting wrinkle on this
would be as follows: make the price of the trip very high, say $20-30k, and
run each trip as a group contest with some of that in a pot; the winner
under the rules of engagement, whatever those are, talking home the pot.

Run things in 20 person groups, run 2 / month / guide, and you're pulling in
(at the $20k pricetag, let's say you're clearing $10k) $400k / month /
guide. Get it going in about 6 locations simultaneously, and you've got a
revenue stream of $2.4M / month just on the contests... then there's all the
add-ons... You're clearing around ~$29M a year; while it's not dot-com
billions, that's a respectable revenue stream, and one that would be a hell
of a lot of fun to capture.

Anybody want to do this?


Colin Coller wrote:

> I wonder if there are any companies providing "Survivor Experiences".
> I bet, for the price of a cruise, they could find a reasonably safe place
> for the experience, do the research, drop you off, and pick you up when
> it's over (or in case of emergency).
> There'd be a lot of research involved, though, immunizations, local law,
> local custom, endangered species, mental and physical testing, etc.
> "The Game" meets "Robinson Crusoe".
> I don't know about any of you, but I'd pay to be dropped into a tropical
> jungle with rudimentary tools (what would you need?) for a month.
> Colin

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