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From: Colin Coller (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 13:30:11 PDT

On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:

> Anybody want to do this?

It'd be a challenge to

- find sites

- gauge site

  * accessibility [how would survivors get to the country and back, how
    would survivors and staff get to the site and back, how quickly could
    survivors and staff be removed from the site in case of emergency,
    what cities, towns, camps, airstrips are nearby, etc]

  * legality [what would survivors and staff need to enter the country in
    terms of passports, immunizations, etc., who owns the site, what can
    be done to the site, what species are protected, what weapons or drugs
    are prohibited, what the penalties for violations are, etc]

  * stability [is there political or social turmoil, guerrillas, anti-
    american sentiment, etc]

  * safety [are there suitable medical facilities nearby, are there
    extremely dangerous species, etc]

  * environmental impact [what would survivors and staff do to the
    environment, how would damage be limited, contained, etc., how would
    waste be removed, etc]

- choose sites

- make arrangements for use of sites, sign contracts, book equipment, etc

- set requirements for survivors (mental, physical, background, financial)

- legal (paper coming out the wazoo)

- hire staff (pilots, guides, doctors, liaisons, etc)

- train staff (if necessary)

- advertise

- book

- create tight-fitting clothing for Colleen (a must)

etc, etc, etc.

The best people to do something like this would be people who are already
running hunting/fishing lodges, game safaris, wilderness treks, etc.

I'm in!

I'll go scout the tropical locals.

Colin (yes, locals)

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