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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 16:01:01 PDT

On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Dave Winer wrote:

--]An appeals court has issued a stay on an injunction that threatened to shut
--]down music-swapping site Napster at midnight tonight. The decision by the
--]9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, handed down late today, allows Napster to
--]remain in operation past midnight tonight, when a previous court ruling
--]would have forced the company to halt the sharing of copyrighted files.

First off, can we sort a few things out here. NAPSTER the company does not
do the file sharing. They faciliatate the list of Who Wnats and Who Gots.
the news reports of millions of napsteraholics going TO NAPSTER for files
is a tad bit erronious.

Part the second..."Im not dead yet!!" "Yes you are" "No im feeling a lot
better ..." (loud knonk on head)

C I have heard rumor that a BeamIT (see the riaa vs vs riaa
case) solution to napster might be in the works. (for those who missed
this great let a littel peice of software scan the cd code for
proff that you owend the cd . had encoded a large chunk of the
music for many labels (how and why they did this is a mystery to me
even now) and if you proved you had the cd you could listen/dl it..Of
course once you realised you can SHARE the passwords with frineds you
found your on demand cd collection was LARGE

And lastly...The RIAA wont be happy till they get to set fees on sound
waves entering your ears. Plain and simple folks, thats the bottom line.


Your an excitable boy dave.

PS One method of file sharing that is booming again is the Snail Mail
Round Robin system. I Cut a full set of cds of Bhangra and Jazz music. I
ask my buds who wants. I collect the addreses , make a list, send the cds
and the list off to the first perosn on the list. they get the cds, copy
them and sends the package on to the next person on the list. the last
name on the list is the irginator and/or the groups librarian.

For Old time Radio Shows this is the current big thing. Ive been in a
Round Robin for a few months and we have seeded a few more. Its not as
fast as dling, but often its more stable, you get better collctions of
things, and its funto get things in the mail. Its like christmass once a

Old tape traders will quickly realize this is simply the extension of
somthing that has been going on for decades.

Everything right is wrong again
just like in the long ong trailer. tmbg

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