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From: Rohit Khare (Rohit@KnowNow.com)
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 22:01:40 PDT

The ExeterXML Server provides the ability to publish XML to virtually
any client product capable of receiving an HTTP connection.

Experience the Benefits of XML
The ExeterXML Server is the foundation for exploiting the power of
XML throughout your enterprise. This robust software application
allows companies to build and deploy XML-based applications that are
usable by a multitude of clients. Publish business information as
XML, and deliver that information not only to web browsers, but also
PDAs, pagers, mobile phones, custom desktop applications, databases,
and even ERP and legacy systems - all from the same source!

[rilly slick graphic omitted:
http://www.xmls.com/images/products-xmlserver.jpg ]

ExeterXML Server makes it possible for you to immediately begin
providing business-critical information to users in virtually any
format they desire - a Windows CE device, a Palm Pilot, a Motorola
mobile phone, WebTV, Microsoft Excel, an automobile onboard
navigation system, or even just a Netscape version 4.0 web browser.
The ExeterXML Server provides the versatility required to meet the
demands of multi-device data delivery.

Download the ExeterXML Server for FREE


XMLZip is a unique XML file compression tool that compresses XML
documents based on node levels within the document object model (DOM).

Large XML files consume bandwidth on the Internet and large amounts
of storage on both the client and server machines. A product catalog
represented in XML can easily consume 10 to 100 megabytes of space.
Until now, the only solution was to compress the entire file through
traditional file compression utilities. This approach reduces
transmission time and lowers storage requirements, but it also
renders the file's DOM API inaccessible.

XMLZip reduces the size of XML files while retaining the
accessibility of the DOM API, thus allowing applications to acess the
data in its compressed form. In addtion, XMLZip is capable of
selective compression and decompression of the files, allowing users
to determine the DOM level at compression time.

>XMLSolutions provides translation value from EDI to xCBL using XEDI
>Translator, an out of the box solution that enables B2B e-commerce
>across the supply chain. The integration of XMLSolutions' XEDI with
>xCBL provides every company currently using EDI the ability to
>connect to xCBL enabled applications such as the Commerce One Global
>Trading Web and Commerce One MarketSite Global Trading Portal at
>(www.marketsite.net). XMLSolutions provides expertise in Internet
>technologies and legacy metadata, delivering B2B e-commerce
>solutions that integrate production applications directly to
>suppliers and customers with minimal human intervention.
>"We believe that XMLSolutions will assist the rapid integration of
>EDI systems with Commerce One's MarketSite Portal solution and that
>XMLSolutions provides an outstanding product for EDI to XML
>mapping," said Kevin Schick, vice president of product strategy for
>Commerce One.

XMLSolutions offers software for the development and deployment of
the XML-based applications that facilitate real-time direct materials
transactions over the Internet. Included in this offering are
XML-to-XML transformations, EDI-to-XML integration and secure,
guaranteed delivery of B2B transactions between trading partners and

XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia's technology
corridor with offices in Atlanta; Charlotte; Chicago; New York; San
Francisco; Bangalore, India; Seoul, Korea; S. Africa; The
Netherlands; Denmark; Austria; Sweden; Switzerland; Belgium; Germany;
France; Italy; Spain and the UK.

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