Re: Napster injunction stayed

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 15:00:16 PDT

Of course you have to read it straight from the horse's <<insert
whichever end suits your opinions here>>.


   A Message to the Napster Community from Hank Barry And Shawn Fanning
 * Napster CEO Hank Barry today said: "We're gratified and appreciative
 * of the 9th Circuit Court's decision today to allow the Napster
 * community to continue operating while our appeal of the injunction
 * is pending. We want to thank the Napster community for their support
 * during this period.
 * "I believe the Napster technology can help everyone involved in
 * music - including artists, consumers, and the industry. New
 * technologies can be a win-win situation if we work together on
 * building new models - and we at Napster are eager to do so." Napster
 * Founder Shawn Fanning said:
 * "I am happy and grateful that we do not have to turn away our 20
 * million users and that we can continue to help artists. We'll keep
 * working and hoping for the best," said Shawn Fanning.
 * Napster's service will continue in operation, and Napster will
 * continue its positive "Buy-cott", urging its users to buy the CDs of
 * artists who have come out in support of the music community (a list
 * can be found on the Napster web site.)

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