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From: Karee Swift (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 14:10:07 PDT

If this is old bits, it should be introdouced again:)

Check this site out... They want to send 6 techie volunteers to Ghana
to help with their computer infrastructure and to really do something
about the whole 'digital divide' thing. I wish I was rich and geeky
enough. These people really have a good and functional idea going...

Here's the front page blurp..Geekcorps is committed to expanding the
benefits of the Internet Revolution internationally. We use
information technology to improve the economic prospects of
developing nations. Drawing upon great local ideas, we work in
partnerships with local businesses.
Together, Geekcorps and its partner businesses figure out how to
address technical needs. Then Geekcorps selects volunteers with the
expertise to meet those needs. Geekcorps trains its volunteers to
teach their skills to people from different backgrounds.

Volunteers spend three to six months on-site in developing nations,
supported by Geekcorps' in-country staff. They spend their
hours helping the partner businesses. And spend their free time
exploring their host country and meeting its people.

We also assist partner businesses in finding venture capital from
partners throughout the world.

Our work has two goals:

To improve the ability of businesses to contribute to their local
economies and,
To impart an appreciation for global interdependence to the internet

And here's the site:


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