[Obit] John Wilder Tukey

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From: Janie Wilkins (librarian@teacher.com)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 16:44:22 PDT

I remember doing several "Tukey Tests" for something or the other whilst
taking statistics classes at library school. Can't believe that this has not
been FoRKed yet, considering this is the man attributed with coining the
terms "bit" and "software"!

Excerpted From: http://www.princeton.edu/pr/news/00/q3/0727-tukey.htm

July 26, 2000

Statistician John W. Tukey dies

PRINCETON, N.J. -- John Wilder Tukey, an emeritus Princeton professor
considered to be one of the
most important contributors to modern statistics, died Wednesday. He was 85.

Tukey developed many important tools of modern statistics and introduced
concepts that were central to the
creation of today's telecommunications technologies. In addition to his
formidable research achievements,
Tukey was known for his penchant for coining terms that reflected new ideas
and techniques in the sciences
and is credited with introducing the computer science terms "bit" (short for
binary digit) and "software."

His obituary also appeared in the July 28th New York Times.


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