Re: Software and the First Amendment

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 08:09:32 PDT

On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Eugene Leitl wrote:

--]Unenforcible legislation is not worth the dead tree it's printed

then why let it stay on the books?

--]Unless you outlaw open source, mandate use of proprietary fed-approved
--]hard- and software

(start with the GOV pulling funding for librarys if they DONT use
filtering, escalte that up to university and all gov agency levels...)

(start with the gov stepping into the software and hardware industrys to
regulate monopolies.....)

--] and stud the network with snoopboxes,

(start with echelon, ramp up carnivore....)

--]and create draconian punishments (you use crypto, you go to jail for a
--]few years with a very high probability)

(start with the pgp case...)

--], you can't prevent free speech on the net.

(start witht he CDA, move on to the AntiDrug acts, ramp up tippers PMRC
pms mode....)

--]Somehow, I don't see it happen.

Somehow I cant see them not trying, mostly because THEY ALREADY ARE TRYING

And we get to elect either Dadys Boy Bush Or The Father of Internet
Censorship as the next helmsman of the state.

Can you feel my excitment?

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