Re: Dow Chemical fires 50 over e-mail abuse

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From: Karee Swift (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 11:45:22 PDT

--- In, Eugene Leitl <eugene.leitl@l...> wrote:
> Carey Lening writes:
> > This is a psychological puzzle to me.
> > Crazy stuff none the less, I'm just shocked people haven't
become wise on
> > the fact that they can't transmit naughty images at the
workplace.. -BB>
> Can't? The employer must have a lot of benefits to offer before I
> consider working for an employer who customarily intercepts and
> my mail, or supervises to which websites I go.
> Not that I'm a porn fiend, but it's a matter of principle. Today
> tomorrow, what? Thought police? No, thanks.

From what the article read, was that dow WASN'T regularly monitoring
email, but got complaints and a tip that stuff was flying on the
company lines. Monitoring to save ass is much different than being
big brother.

Especially if the company had a policy on this aready explained about
behaviors like this. Don't get me wrong, porn has its place and all,
but you have to be some kind of naive not to believe that it won't
get around. Even if the boss isn't monitoring the employee stream,
people print out pictures, and pass them around to their buddies,
hang them on their cubicle walls, etc. It happens where I work.
*Shrug* You do something stupid, you get busted. I don't nkow if
thats tought policing, or just relegating the thought process to
business-at-hand instead of business-with-hand.

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