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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 08:56:08 PDT

Its from MacCentral, so take it from where it comes, but i find this
amazingly humorus.

" Apple sues to stop leaks
Peter Cohen, August 2, 2000, 5:30 pm ET

Apple offered a statement this afternoon indicating the
company has filed suit in the Superior Court of Santa Clara County,
against "an unknown individual who has posted Apple's trade secret
information on the Internet." Apple is also seeking monetary damages in
the suit. According to preliminary information obtained by MacCentral
sources, the document could specify several individuals who ultimately may
be implicated in the lawsuit. The legal brief specifies "Doe 1 and Does 2
through 25 inclusive," suggesting that at this time, Apple may not have a
clear idea of how far the conspiracy to leak its trade secrets has gone.
Sources indicate that the person or persons named in the suit are possibly
employees of Apple and/or Apple's trusted third-party developers --
individuals who had access to Apple's trade secrets. Apple unveiled
several new products at last month's Macworld Expo in New York City,
including revamped iMacs, a new mouse and keyboard and the Power Mac G4
Cube. Prior to the event the company's legal department contacted Web
sites that had offered details and speculation about some of the new
product offerings, demanding in some cases that the sites remove the
information. Apple's suit indicates that the defendant disseminated
Apple's trade secrets "alone or in concert" with other people began
distributing information in or around February of this year. Apple says
that images of its recently introduced multiprocessor G4 systems and the
new optical Pro Mouse were distributed by the defendant or defendants. The
company also says that the defendants may have posted information about
other products, as well."

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