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From: Greg Bolcer (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 17:27:37 PDT

I thought I did, however, Tom Whore pigeon-holed my comment
to mean the opposite of what Greg meant. What I meant to
say was; the browser was already dead and buried and
many people are already looking towards more full-featured
end-user Web applications.

To judge a browser based on whether or not it reads and displays HTML
correctly according to an industry-wide standard is a 1994

Several things that maybe I didn't stress enough in my post:
  o "The Web" and "The Browser" are two different things; to think
    that the end-user Web applications will never be something more
    than a tool to display HTML is a very narrow view.
  o Judging a browser by how well it can display HTML is one
    criteria, but IMHO not the most important one.
  o The browser is not the end-all, be-all application of
    the Web, although it ceratinly was the first and
    probably most important.

The Web is about interactivity. All future Web applications
should be judged by that criteria as it's a much more important


Jim Whitehead wrote:
> I worked with Greg Knauss over the summer of 1994 -- he actually does have a
> deep understanding of technical issues. This doesn't mean I agree with his
> opinions -- au contraire, I don't. However, if you disagree with him, it's
> probably more productive to stick to the issues.
> - Jim
> > This is so bad; if I was Greg Knauss then I would be
> > embarrassed to put this out because it belies the non-technical
> > understanding of the author. It appears that the author is
> > evaluting the project by 1994 standards. Let's see,
> >,, and half a dozen other open source
> > sites are ramping up big time; the browser was not and will
> > never be the end all of the desktop. Maybe the author didn't
> > realize that Web doesn't equal browser and there are upwards
> > of several dozen other projects and codebases.

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