Contest for budding entrepreneurs

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From: Eileen Cohen (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 13:03:03 PDT

Hi FoRKers,

This is meant as an informational post and not an ad -- please let me
know if it isn't appropriate to the list. (The disclaimer being, that
I'm helping to put this contest together. But I hope/expect that it's

IBM developerWorks Startup resources is sponsoring the Search for
Entrepreneurial Spirit 2000 competition for those who are starting -- or
thinking of starting -- their own technology company. First prize is an
IBM ThinkPad and $20,000 with no strings attached (the idea being, it
can be used as [very] preliminary "seed" money, or simply accepted as
prize money as is common with some achievement awards -- depending on
whether the winner is just starting out, or is already established.) All
(ten) finalists will also be profiled on the IBM developerWorks Startup
resources site.

Contest information is here:

Best regards,

Eileen Cohen
on behalf of the contest team

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