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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 23:56:23 PDT


Had a bud drop me a line about this from defcon. Havent gotten to the dl
yet, but by all reports and a run thru the web site it looks to be, if it
works, something along the lines of what a bunch of folks here were talkin
about with munchkins and the like.

Im catching a freenet meets process tree/seti meets munchkins vibe about
them with some more underpinnings of currency issues.

Once more into the breech good fellas. (god i love the net)

"Mojo Nation distributes published content widely across all participating
peers, using market-based mechanisms to control flash crowds and
efficiently cache data. When a user downloads content from Mojo Nation he
compensates the peer providing the data with credits for the resources
consumed; popularity does not increase the cost to the publisher.

Mojo Nation is de-centralized and secure, once data is published it cannot
be deleted or controlled. Publishers have their identities hidden with
pseudonyms and can publish without fear of reprisal. Content consumers can
retrieve data with as much anonymity as they desire, privacy is a simple
economic decision.

Mojo Nation creates a digital marketplace for the exchange of idle disk
space, bandwidth, and CPU cycles. By providing services and resources to
other Mojo Nation peers you earn credit that can be used to consume
content or sold for cash. Freeloaders cannot consume more than they
contribute to the system; they must purchase more resources from you.
Strong cryptography protects messages within Mojo Nation.
Pseudonymous access and relay agents protect your privacy while browsing
or providing content.
Simple cost recovery prevents most denial of service attacks. "


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