The Big Tent Party

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 23:39:49 PDT

So I'm watching the coverage of the convention from last night... it's
the moment right after the Wyoming delegation casts its votes
unanimously for W. Cut to W sitting with his wife. He's grinning his
stupid "what, me worry, I'm just a poor rich privileged hick, and this
is all very amusing" grin, and...

...his legs part slightly, and the tent of his pants is totally propped
up with a totally obvious boner. I am not shitting. I still have the
video on the Tivo, I can dupe it and make it available online if you
don't believe me. ("Fair use! Fair use!") W popped a woody when the
nomination process was finished. The One-Eyed Wonder Worm was
slithering around, doing it's best to escape the pants as he adjusted
his legs for a breather. We're talking the Heat-Seeking Moisture
Missile, ready for launch. Just sat there grinning, legs parted for all
to see, just him and the wife and Mr. Happy on national TV. Boy, that's
sure preserving the dignity of the office he's seeking. At least
Clinton kept his erections off national TV.

W must've misunderstood when one of the Asian immigrants backstage from
the "pandering parade of diversity" told him "we velly excited about
upcoming erection."

Ew, I'm so grossed out.

And per that pandering parade: do they *really* think we aren't smart
enough to see through the bullshit? Where were the minority delegates?
Does the RNC really think such a shallow effort to try the Demo's tactic
from '92 --- namely "co-opt some of the opposition themes and
constituents" --- is really going to work? If they really want to fool
us, how about *fixing the broken platform?* It doesn't even have to be
real, just make a real attempt to show a new side of the party. I'd be
hard-pressed to find a "mainstream" political document that, in essence,
was *less* tolerant of diversity. It's institutionalized *intolerance*
for diversity.

Vote Libertarian. Hell, what else are you going to do? W? Gore?
Buchanan? Nader? Choose and lose, baby. Where the hell is the
Moderate Party? It's not too hard: small federal gov't, liberal on the
social / moral issues, fiscally conservative, pro-individual,
pro-market, and pro-decentralization. Activist only towards reducing the
role / impact of federal gov't in the lives of individuals.



PS - of course, this was the Comedy Central coverage, so it *might* have
been doctored. But it's just too good... ;-)

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